Meet The Team  ...So Far

Dan Cassoni

Guitar - Ukulele

My name is Dan Cassoni. I am the owner of DCM Guitar School. I have been teaching the guitar since I was 15 years old. I am passionate about teaching this instrument and am committed to the successful learning of my students. Since I began teaching the guitar I believed that the key to learning was to have fun while your doing it! I have found that kids especially are much more inclined to practice and maintain their commitment to learning if they have fun and learn the songs that they like in the process. When a new student enrols, I ask them what kind of music they like and would like to learn, from there I model the classes around the individual student. We also focus on learning music theory, this is done in a gradual and thorough manner in a way in which the student can understand. If at a later stage the student wants to move forward and take grade examinations we can cover every grade from preliminary right up to grade 8. Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting with you in the future.


Michal Kulbaka

Guitar - Ukulele

Michal Kulbaka is a self thought guitarist born in Poland. He was 12 years old when he started playing guitar. Michal's first guitar was an old battered acoustic guitar and was aquired when his father traded a bottle of strong Polish vodka for it. From that day on Michal sold his soul to rock n' roll...Picking basic chords and scales Michal started listening to blues.It was a John Mayall and Eric Clapton record that changed his life.The John Mayall Bluesbreaker album...

At 15 years old he started his first band The Staff playing in local pubs with older musicians. The band won second place in a local bands talent contest in Poland.A year later at 16 Michal and The Staff toured Germany and played an International open air festival near the town of Lorrach close to the French and Swiss border. The Staff shared the stage with US Punk band D.O.A and many well known acts in Europe.Returning to Poland they played support to one of Polands biggest acts Kazik Staszewski and his super group Kult. Michal played to nearly 5000 people at the show . Michal traveled to Ireland in 2006 where he began his musical journey. In 2008 Michal joined The Glitter Bugs as a session player touring around Ireland and supporting Irish stars The Saw Doctors in Dublins famous Academy to a sold out venue and also played in The Hard Rock Cafe Dublin. Late in 2008 Michal started a new group Solar Flux along with brothers Marcin Kulbaka on bass and Adam Kulbaka on drums. Solar Flux have been playing around Dublin for the past 3 years in clubs such as The Mezz and Fibbers McGees. In 2010 the band recorded thier first ep the self titled Solar Flux in Paul Woodward Studios Dublin. A few months later the band recorded another song ''Just Got Paid''.

Michal has also recorded some solo stuff to showcase his guitar playing.Early recordings feature musical compositions that are instrumental for the most part. In early 2011 Michal joined Lancelot Lynx, a hard rock/heavy metal group from Kilkenny.The band released they're first EP in 2010 but the lack of talent and commitment of the previous guitar players was running against the good quality of the original material, but this problem was solved when Michal was recruited. In late 2012 the band went to Trackmix Studio in Dublin and recorded 12 track album titled 'No Time To Die' . After long hunt for record label Lancelot Lynx signed record deal with The Leaders Records and finally the album was released in 2014 followed by great reviews from Metal Hammer Italy, Power Play UK, Power Metal DE, Concereteweb BE, Defenders of Steel PL and many more. 'Drifter' was “track of the week” by Amazing Radio (London, Uk) referring us as “Classic Metal Monsters from Ireland”.The band supported artists such ex Iron Maiden frontman Blaze Bayley or legendary NWOBHM group Tygers of Pan Tang. “Opening track "Live The Life (We Rock)" could have been written during the Dio glory days and tracks like "Real Bastard" and the title track have real bite and flare to them. Most of the songs are centered around the fabulous guitar work of Michael Kubaka, his fiery solos lighting up a landscape of cutting riffs and memorable melodies.” — Shred Load IE

In 2013 Michal start studying guitar at Brighton Institute of Modern Music BIMM in Dublin currently doing his final 4th year. In 2015 Michal team up with with lead vocalist David P. Byrne and become writing original material. In 2016 new project Samarkind was born and the duo began recording at famous Westland Studio in Dublin with producer Alwyn Walker. The new recorded material at the moment is at mixing stage. Durning 2016 Michal contributed to new EP from established singer/songwriter Racheal McCormack. Currently working on his own music instrumental music.

Michelle Lynch

Guitar - Ukulele

My name is Michelle and I've been playing guitar for over 20 years now. I'm not giving away my age! My main motto, like Dan's, is that learning guitar or any instrument for that matter, should always be fun and teaching students songs and music they enjoy is a good start! There is no age limit in music either, all you need is a good mindset and you can achieve anything (Along with some practice of course!). Music is a way of life for me! Through the years I've got to experience unforgettable moments, and connected with incredible musicians and characters along the way. Music isn't just a hobbie its a gift for life! I'm still on my musical journey and I'd love to get you started with yours.

Orlaith pugh music

Orlaith Pugh


My name is Orlaith and Im a professional wedding, corporate and session singer with many years experience in singing and performance.

​I have been singing for as along as I can remember and was told by my mam that I sang before I could talk. Initially classically trained, I started vocal training at the age of 7 and received many awards and high recommendations during my years of taking part in national and international competitions and shows.

My love for such a wide variety of musical styles including pop, rock, folk, soul, motown, jazz, blues, Bossa Nova and classical has taken me on a wonderful journey and given me the pleasure of working with some wonderfully talented choirs, groups, wedding, corporate and original bands and musicians and the opportunity to perform at some of the more well known and prestigious venues throughout Ireland and the U.K.


With such a love for music and singing I am also very passionate about helping others to find and develop their singing voice and encourage confidence in singing whether you're a beginner or a  more advanced singer. My goal when teaching is not to teach one particular style but to help each individual find and develop their own unique sound and encourage the proper, healthy use of the voice in order to prevent damage and strain. My aim is to encourage the development of a strong foundation in singing, to understand your voice resonance in the body and the main principles of healthy singing. My style of teaching is quite individualistic and encourages confidence in owning your own style and sound and building on your individual gift. I am now very happy to be a part of the DCM Guitar School Group encouraging passion, fun, music and creativity.

Orlaith pugh music

Larry Mc Gowan

Sound Engineering

My name is Larry and I am a Music Producer/Sound Engineer. I have been working in the music industry for over 18 years now. I have worked in Live Sound as well as in the recording studio. My passion is recording and mixing high-quality music. I also have a love for teaching and empowering people to record themselves to an excellent standard with affordable home-studio equipment. This is what Booth Camp is all about! 


I trained as an Audio Technician in college (graduated 2007) before working in post production Film and Television. Here I recorded and mixed television shows and cartoons. After a few years I decided to upskill to incorporate my music and songwriting backround so I went back to college to study Music Technology. I graduated in 2010. Since then I have been self employed as a Producer, Sound Engineer and a Sound Designer for all kinds of projects! 


I play the guitar and the drums. I am also a songwriter. I have spent many years struggling with poorly recorded and mixed songs. I know what its like to hit a wall, to come up short thinking "I don’t know how to make this sound better!". Ive learned the hard way but you don’t have to!