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Fernando Castilhos

My name is Fernando and im a bass player originally from Brazil. I've been playing bass for over 20 years. I have played with Tony Allen (Nigeria/France), Allan Marshall (Scotland), SILVA (Brazil) to name a few and im currently playing for Keywest, "a multi-award winning, multi-platinum selling independent artist from the UK and Ireland". I've recorded bass on albums ranging from pop, metal, rock to samba, afrobeat, world music.

Since moving to Ireland, I have played/performed many of the major venues in the country (3 Arena, Olympia Theater, Limelight Belfast, The Academy...) and also most of festivals (EP, Indiependence, Knockanstockan, Longitude...). 

In Europe ive performed in many different festivals (Black Sheep - Germany, Cornbury -UK...) and also toured many different countries (UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain).

I have studied bass under Paul Moore, Adam Taylor, Ketih Farrell, Robbie

Mallone, Kai Eckhardt, Thiago Espirito Santo and Diego Randi.

I have a CPD Diploma in Professional Musicianship

(Music performance) — Merit Upper Division

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