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Man Playing Guitar

  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs  

On your first private/group lesson you will learn:

  • To Play a song

  • 5 Chords

  • How to play in time/with rhythm

  • How to tune the guitar

  • Tips on how to move between chords fast


Where your guitar career begins - Irelands most effective guitar classes for beginners. Private classes at DCM Guitar School gives you a structured, step-by-step approach in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.


You have been playing a while and need to gain further mastery and confidence with your playing technique and music theory? We can tailor a program to suit you so you can continue your journey and reach your musical goals faster.


These classes go deep into music theory and technique with an easy to understand method of teaching so you can easily understand the following...

  • Advanced Chords

  • Advanced Scales

  • Arpeggios

  • Modes 

  • Specialist Techniques (Bending, Finger Tapping, Vibrato Etc...)

  • Song writing Techniques

  • Ear Training

  • Advanced Rhythm Playing

  • Lead Guitar Playing General Techniques

Summer Camps

Our summer camps at DCM Guitar School  run from 10am - 1pm from Monday to Friday for one week.

It is a great opportunity for the participants to play together as a group and built upon their musical and social skills in a friendly and relaxed environment. 


During the two weeks they will play a number of different instruments including guitar, bass and percussion. We will also include vocal workshops for those who want to participate. By the end of the two weeks we will play and record as many songs as possible with the participants taking home their CD and certificate of participation at the end of the camp. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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