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Having trouble recording your songs? 

Want to get better results from your home studio? 

Confused about any of the following:

How do I make my music sound more professional? 

How do I record drums? 

How do I edit out unwanted noise, cracks and pops?

How do I finish a track so that it’s as loud as professional songs?


Look no further than Booth Camp!

Courses running from June ’17

STAGE 1 -  Absolute beginners. 

I am starting from scratch with home recording. I want advice and support on getting the right equipment for my needs and setting everything up. I want to be able to record basic tracks and understand the basics of my gear (software/hardware)


STAGE 2 – Novice

I have a home studio set-up and I want to get better at recording and mixing. I want to learn more about microphone placement and room acoustics. I want to learn more about balancing my tracks and adding effects. 


STAGE 3 – Intermediate

I have several fully recorded sessions that I want to complete. I am interested in the finer points of mixing. I want to learn things like how to route signals (Sends and Busses), advanced EQ and Compression, mid/side mixing and what to put on my Master Fader.  

STAGE 4 – Advanced

I am very experienced at recording and mixing and I want tips and tricks for making more professional sounding tracks. I want to learn things like how to side-chain drums and bass, apply multiband compression, Master my track and apply Meta-Data.  

Course Tutor: Larry McGowan

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